My Life in Chapters is a ten year guided journal. Classic in design, original in content⁠—it’s the simplest way to keep your memories alive forever.

How does My Life in Chapters work?


Simply take 1-2 hours at the end of each year to fill out your guided journal. After ten years, you’ll have a perfect summary of a decade of your life in one book.


My Life in Chapters makes it easy to capture the very essence of who you are in written form—everything from your small habits, to your great passions, to your most precious memories. Used alongside subsequent volumes, you’ll create a life story that you and your family can forever look back on with fondness and gratitude.

Busy Schedule Friendly


All you need is 1-2 hours per year to fill in your guided journal.

Easy To Use


Our guided journal style makes filling out My Life in Chapters both simple and enjoyable for all writing abilities.

An Invaluable Keepsake


Used over time, My Life in Chapters will allow you to look back on a lifetime of memories with fondness and gratitude.

Prompts you will find in My Life in Chapters

My favourite everyday moments…
What’s been happening in the lives on my friends and family?
Goals or achievements I’ve reached this year…
Holidays or Adventures I’ve had this year…
What am I grateful for?
My favourite way to spend a Saturday…
The year in my own words…
Everyone deserves access to books. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for a lot of people in Africa. By writing your story with our book, you’re helping to make a difference in somebody else’s story. Find out how.
10 year journal

£ 30.00
my life in chapters

£ 30.00
10 year journal

£ 30.00
10 year journal

£ 30.00